The Definition of Us

If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that our strengths and weaknesses are not determined by one event. The definition of us, as people, is a combination of our actions, thoughts, and words. We cannot be defined by one element in our lives. We are too complicated for that.

One unhealthy meal doesn’t mean I’m an unhealthy person; one bad race in Cross Country doesn’t make me a bad runner. One bad grade doesn’t define who I am as a student, learner, and certainly not as a person. It isn’t to say that bad grades, for example, aren’t important—they are, just as any grade is, because they show how we define our own successes and failures. The most important concept you can take from a so-called “bad” grade is learning from it, and doing better next time.

I use the term “bad” loosely, as I know that “bad” is a standard different for all of us, and it’s not the same for every subject. My consideration of a “good” grade is different in math than in history, just as my consideration of a success versus failure is different from the person sitting next to me.

I am not defined by a meal, a race, or a grade. I am more than a number, a name, a look. I am how I treat others, how I see the world, and how I choose to impact those around me. Don’t blame others for your failures; be inquisitive about the world. Most of all, rise above your failures, your misfortunes, your hard times. You are stronger than that.


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