Is There a Best Time to Exercise?

You’d be surprised how much better you feel after you workout. In the summer, I like to go right in the morning, before breakfast, so I can start my day in a positive way. I love feeling accomplished, focused, and alert afterwards. I choose one to two days a week to be my rest days. During the school year, I exercise before I start my homework: it gives me a much-needed, stress-relieving break after a day full of classes and academics. Sundays are then my rest day. Find the time that works for you! Working out at any time is better than not working out at all.

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  1. sinsandsparklesblog says:

    I agree! Your definitely left on a high afterwards


  2. Halo Kinoqua says:

    Wow!! This left me with some much-needed inspiration to go out and work out!!


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