All About Açaí Bowls

After wanting to try them for the longest time, I now eat açaí bowls quite often! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and perfect to take pictures of, but they’re totally delicious and healthy, too. Here are the basics for what you need to know.

How you feel –
The first time I tried an açaí bowl was with my sister. After eating one, she perfectly described how you feel, “I’m full, yet I feel like I didn’t eat anything.” This is it—you’re definitely satisfied, but not bloated, tired, and heavy. You feel light and energetic.

Add some protein –
Açaí bowls are essentially all fruit with some granola, so a good tip is to add some protein in order to slow down your digestion. Do this by adding nut butter or protein powder to your bowl. If you’re at a restaurant / juice bar, simply ask for either of these to be added.

Açaí bowls at home –
Believe it or not, you CAN make açaí bowls at home! My base is frozen açaí, frozen banana, and frozen mixed berries, blended with a nut milk (usually soy, almond, or coconut) and vanilla vegan protein powder. I top it off with granola, banana, berries, cacao nibs, almond butter, and honey. Sometimes I add hemp seeds or coconut flakes for an extra nutritional boost.

Snap a pic –
Don’t be ashamed to snap a pic of your beautiful bowl. They make beautiful pictures; totally “Insta-worthy.” I always feel self-conscious at restaurants taking pictures of my food, so I’m here to tell you to not be embarrassed. It’s worth it when you have a gorgeous picture, and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what strangers at a restaurant think of you. Be yourself.

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