The Zen of Beading

Remember last time when I talked about stress relief? We all have our own ways to do that. Beading is another way for me to do so. I love, love, love beading because….

It’s aesthetically pleasing. As a neat freak and slight perfectionist, there’s nothing I love more than something that looks perfect. If I don’t like a bracelet I started, no worries: I can easily rearrange the beads. AND, the best part about making bracelets is that once I get tired of old looks from a past season, I simply cut, chop, mix and match.

You’re free to be totally creative. Instead of shopping and choosing from someone else’s choices, YOU can design your own jewelry. I love mix-matching colors, and customizing what I envision for MY closet. If I want a certain design, I don’t need to spend time searching for the perfect bracelet: I can make it myself!

It’s relaxing. Coming home from anything stressful, it’s immensely stress-relieving to relax and simply bead. I can watch my favorite TV show and create something for myself that I can use.

It doesn’t have to be for myself. Bracelets make the perfect gifts, and homemade ones are even better. It shows you put time in their gift, and thought about the colors the recipient would like. Bracelets can be perfect for anybody; there are tons of styles, colors, and designs—it just depends on what you like!

Showing off my creations 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.59.35 PM
Beading at home

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