These Are the Best Clothes to Workout In

For any active person, lots of athletic clothes are a must. Finding the right kind of clothes, though, can be underratedly difficult.

I believe if you love your workout clothes, you’ll love your workouts just as much. One of the best parts of exercising is looking good doing it 😉 However, no piece of clothing is worth feeling uncomfortable. Here are some tips to help you when choosing your next sports bra, athletic top, headband, or more.

Sports Bras
To put it simply, sports bras should be comfortable. I didn’t realize this until quite late, believe it or not; I never liked how tight sports bras felt around my body, and always prefered to wear a regular bra. My sister, on the other hand, constantly walked around in sports bras on the weekends, and definitely prefered a sports bra over a regular one. Later, I figured out the reason I didn’t like them was because I was simply buying the wrong size. While they should be snug enough that you’re not falling out, they shouldn’t be so tight you find them uncomfortable or can’t wait to take it off the minute you put it on. Mine fit way too tight and not comfy at all.

After finding the right size for me, I love sports bras, and even wear them when I’m not going to workout. There are thousands of different styles, sizes, and colors, so don’t feel you have to settle for anything other than what you love. You don’t want to be uncomfortable as you run, jump, squat, or whatever your workout is; it’ll just make it worse, and encourage you to end your workout sooner.

Some good places to look are Brooks, Lululemon, Athleta, Under Armour, and Lucy.

Okay, I LOVE athletic shorts. I believe the key to finding the right shorts are simply finding the brand or style you like best. For example, I like shorts with waists that I don’t need to fold over a bunch of times for them to fit right. This is probably because I’m short, but nevertheless, Nike tends to have those kind of shorts. Therefore, the majority of my athletic shorts are mostly from Gap Body and Athleta, which I love. I not only wear athletic shorts to run, but I also wear them around the house, grocery shopping, or going to a friend’s house.

If you don’t like shorts, or just want to change it up, I HIGHLY suggest wearing a skirt. Tennis skirts are perfect for on the court, but also perfect for doing any kind of workout! They’re so easy to move in and UNBELIEVABLY flattering 🙂 My favorite one is white and from Athleta.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 4.20.06 PM.png
Showing off my tennis skirt and new running shoes 😛

For me, there are two kinds of workout tops: dry-fit and baggy tees. Dry-fit tops are perfect for super hot days; they help a ton with sweating, and dry super fast. Great places to get these are Athleta (of course), Lucy, and Lululemon.

I wear baggy tees for cooler days, or when I just want something baggier. If you don’t want your sweat stains to show, color definitely matters! There are certain colors where sweat stains are very noticeable. For example, gray is blunt when showing off your sweat, but colors such as navy and white won’t show as easily.

If you’re working out outside, especially for hot days, wearing light colors is the best choice. White reflects the heat and keeps you cooler compared to black, which will absorb the heat and keep you warmer.

Lastly, I prefer short sleeves over tank tops. Yes, covering shoulders is a good idea for sun protection, but the real reason is I don’t think sleeveless shirts look that good on me. However, if tank tops are your first choice, go for ‘em!

For me, “styling” my hair before a workout entails throwing it up in a godawful ponytail at 6:00 in the morning. Even when I exercise later in the day, I still just throw my hair up in a ponytail. My main goal is to get my hair out of my face, and I usually wear a headband to facilitate this. I make sure my headband has those sticky things to keep it from slipping! I love the Ivivva and Lululemon ones. Another hair style I like is two french braids.

I used to have long hair, and I hated when my hair would stick to the back of my neck. For those with longer hair, I suggest wearing a tight bun, braiding your ponytail, or doing a french braid with your hair.

It is so, so important to have good shoes. I cannot stress this enough. My coach tells us, runners, that we need to get new shoes once a year, as shoes easily wear out after a few seasons. I recently got my new pair of running shoes, and I can definitely feel the difference!

There are two specialized running stores near me where you can walk in, and the employees literally pick out the best shoes for you based upon how your feet move when you walk. It’s amazing. Whether you’re a runner or not, I highly recommend going to one of these places if you have one near you.

My last pair of shoes were Saucony, and my new ones now are New Balance. I also have a pair of Nikes, but I don’t wear them to run since they don’t have as good support. Each brand is different, so try on a bunch and find what your feet like best.

Lastly, the biggest thing about shoes is that they’re not 100% for style. While I’m all for looking cute, comfort trumps looks when it comes to running shoes. You’d rather be fast than stylish!

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