Summer Brunch: What to Wear

There’s nothing I love more than going out for brunch on a sunny day. It’s a nice way to spend time with friends or family, and take advantage of the summer weather! Bump up the bright colors and don’t forget sunscreen, of course. Here’s what you need for the perfect brunch look.

Clothes & Shoes

These are the core of your look; you need a strong base for everything else to go well!


Dresses are the way to go, especially for a fancier brunch. You can dress them up or down, depending on the fabric, style, and accessories of your outfit. I think skater dresses are the best way to go for brunch. If you don’t want to wear a dress or a dress is too fancy, wear either a skirt or romper! Rompers with fun patterns are honestly my favorite, and skirts are the perfect compromise if you don’t want to wear a dress.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.45.41 PM.png
Summer Romper from Brandy Melville


An easy way to fancy up your look is to wear heels over sandals. The best kind of heel, for me, is a wedge; not only are they flattering, but they’re ten times easier to walk in, which is important! For summer, I love wearing white and tan wedges—it keeps the look casual while still dressing up! The best part about both sandals and wedges, though, is you can show off your pedicured summer toes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.14.35 PM.png
Various styles of sandals


Accessories are very important when deciding your perfect brunch outfit. I believe when it comes to brunch, accessories make or break your look! I love to wear all kinds of accessories when I’m dressing up, and while jewelry is a big part, it’s not just limited to jewelry!


This is such an important addition when dressing up! I love adding all kinds, making sure to wear a necklace, several bracelets, and earrings. For necklaces, it depends what dress I’m wearing: If I’m wearing a pattern, I go simple and wear a smaller necklace and pendant. If I’m wearing a plain color with a high neckline, I love to go big with a bright statement necklace. Bracelets, for me, include three to five beaded bracelets I made myself, or one or two gold charm bracelets for fancy occasions when beaded bracelets wouldn’t be appropriate. Lastly, I always keep my earrings simple: either gold spheres or pearls. (I don’t like dangly earrings.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.38.47 PM.png
Free People dress with a statement necklace, bralette (Free People), and various beaded bracelets

Other Additions

Adding other accessories to your outfits, other than jewelry, can be a great way to stand out and perfect your look. I love adding a bralette, cardigan, sun hat, or shawl to my outfit. They are a fabulous way to add a finishing touch to your look. Good places to get bralettes are Urban Outfitters or Free People. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.54.47 PM
For any summertime outing, funky Ray Ban sunglasses are the way to go 🙂

Hair & Makeup


What to do with my hair, especially in the summer, is definitely a challenge. It’s too casual to throw it up in a ponytail, but I don’t like having my hair anywhere near my face. Therefore, the perfect balance is a headband, brown or black, depending on my outfit. With a headband I don’t have to worry about parting my hair or it looking super flat (which happens way too often in the summer humidity).


While I don’t often wear makeup in the summer, I love wearing it for brunch. I don’t put much foundation on, as I don’t like the feeling on my face when it’s sunny and hot. However, I make sure to put face sunscreen on! Mascara is a definite must, and eyeliner is optional depending on the occasion.

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