Why I Have a Problem with Photoshop

Almost every single picture you see in a store, magazine, or billboard is photoshopped. I have a problem with this for many reasons; here are three to share.

  1. Photoshop creates unrealistic expectations for girls. It sets unachievable standards, and tricks people into thinking that stick-thin thighs, blemish-free skin, and tiny waists define “normal.” No one will ever look like those girls in the magazines because even the girls in the magazines don’t even look like the pictures of the girls in the magazines.
  2. It promotes perfection that is nonexistent. Everyone has different body types. Some are more skinny than others. Models will always be gorgeous; there’s no need to photoshop and trick people into thinking that’s what “perfect” looks like.
  3. It shows girls, especially adolescents, that “beautiful” is being skinny and physically looking good. That is not what beautiful looks like. Beauty is how you feel. It’s not a size double or triple zero. It’s not a thigh gap or having no scars. Beauty is being confident in who you are; it’s forgiving, loving, and accepting yourself.

There are some brands out there, like Aerie (American Eagle Outfitters), that have recently stopped photoshopping their models. However, there are still tons that continue to photoshop, such as Victoria’s Secret. Brands like this send negative messages, which show girls they need to alter their bodies through a computer in order to look pretty. This simply isn’t true. You are your most beautiful when you’re completely yourself, and when you’re confident in who you are.

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  1. Bella says:

    Amen. You go, Kathleen.


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