Benefits of Sleep

I cannot stress the importance of adequate sleep enough! Sleep is necessary for so many aspects of life. It plays a crucial role in our daily functioning and well being; it helps us perform and achieve our best. Below are five benefits of sleep—you may reconsider “sleeping when you’re dead” after reading these!

  1. Improved memory. With an adequate amount of sleep, our brains can better keep track of information. Scientists believe that while we sleep the skills and new information we acquire throughout the day are moved to more efficient and permanent places in the brain. This leads to better proficiency the next time we do those activities or look back on those memories.
  2. Lowered stress. Sleep allows you to tackle the day’s stresses easier. When you’re tired, you’re easily agitated and affected by stress.
  3. Less risk for disease. No, getting enough sleep won’t grant you immunity from all diseases, but it can lower your risk for heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.
  4. Injury prevention. According to a study, there is a direct relationship between hour of sleep and an athlete’s risk for injury. Sleep will also help you perform at your best!
  5. Maintain a healthy weight. Insufficient sleep affects your hormones; when you’re sleep-deprived, your body produces less leptin, a hormone that allows you to feel full, which makes you feel more hungry throughout the day. This often spirals into overeating and gaining weight.

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