Quote of the Day 9.6.17

“To my future daughter,

I hope you fall in love with being alive. I hope you pick flowers and read books and understand that life is so much more than a Snapchat from a boy you won’t remember in a couple of years. I hope you feel pursued. I hope you have the best of friends, and I even hope you get in trouble together. I hope you make fun memories and take too many pictures and scream at the top of your lungs on roller coasters. I hope you swim in the depths of the oceans, and feel the dirt underneath your fingernails when you climb mountains. I hope you feel the joys of genuine laughter, and I hope you know the difference between wisdom and test scores. I hope you understand that you can be anything you want to be, but you have to work hard to get it. I hope you do more than sit around and complain about the things that could change; I hope you are the change. I hope you journal and write every thought down. I hope you learn how to skate, and eat you fruits & vegetables. I hope you treat your body well, and respect your reputation. But I also hope you have fun. In fact, I hope you have unapologetic fun.

Because my love,
I hope you fall in love with being alive.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.34.36 AM

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