10 Naomi Clark Quotes to Get You Through Your Day

Having a bad day? Naomi Clark will help get you through it. Her bubbly, confident, and upbeat personality never fails to put a smile on your face.

Naomi Clark is a character in 90210 from the beginning. Never is she afraid to say what she thinks; she’s ridiculous and laughable and the definition of the word “extra.”

Thus, she’s the best person to look toward when nothing seems to be going right. Naomi has fearlessness, assurance, and spunk. Here are 10 quotes to get you through any day.

10 Naomi Clark Quotes to Get You Through Your Day

“You look fantastic. Who do you think you are? Me?”

“Going to Paris without a Chanel bag is like going to St. Barths without sunscreen. It’s not healthy.”

“I am not playing hard to get. I actually am hard to get.”

“Namaste, bitches.”

“I don’t have to care what you or anyone else thinks because I am going enough exactly the way I am.”

“When you get stuck, think: WWND (What Would Naomi Do)?”

“I offered to take her shopping, and she said, ‘no.’ I am out of ideas.”

“He likes me. I’m not sure he knows he likes me, but I know he likes me.”

“Some hippie freaks were selling her crap, and she probably wanted to go be with her people.”

“I have better things to do than just cry about little boys.”

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