Exactly What I Don’t Want to Forget

It’s easy to get caught up in everything that’s on that rarely do we take a step back to appreciate everything we have. By “everything,” I don’t necessarily mean material goods, as often it can be as simply as the moments in our weekly routine that makes our lives our own and meaningful to us.

Below are the elements & aspects in my live that I encounter & experience, all are things I do not want to forget when I am older and looking back at my life. Yes, most of them are silly and not everyone will understand them, but nevertheless they reflect meaning & emotion to me. Thus, here is . . .

Exactly What I Don’t Want to Forget

  • spending rainy days inside with homemade hot cocoa
  • the bittersweet moment of a sunset
  • driving down Sheridan Road
  • spending Sundays working
  • black leggings + Frye boots = ready to conquer the world
  • walking Ginger, my dog, while wearing shorts and rain boots
  • going on late night ice cream outings
  • never-fail dinners, also known as Foodstuffs and Potbelly
  • watching the Lake Michigan sunrise monthly
  • everything about my favorite local coffee shops… the wooden tables, bakery items, classic oat milk cappuccinos, and the consistent sound of steam and poured coffee beans
  • my oversized gray wallet
  • texting my dad in Spanish
  • all my group chats with their iconic names
  • singing out loud when I am driving alone
  • the entirety of my VSCO
  • sharing a locker with my best friend
  • impromptu stops at the beach
  • drinking tea in my to-go cup while driving to school
  • binge watching Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin90210, Girlboss, and countless more
  • rearranging my room, as well as getting new items
  • crafts. all of them. candles, collaging, canvases.
  • spending an entire day with one person
  • singing out loud in passenger seat with my best friends beside me
  • the ever-changing motivation to do ab exercises
  • taking the entire afternoon to spend at coffee shop and getting all my work done
  • looking back at my Snapchat memories, as sometimes they seem like the most accurate representation of my life
  • sending vlogs, even when no one cares
  • the walk from my car to school each morning
  • listening to “Dreamy Feels” on daily basis, anywhere and everywhere
  • changing the radio station approximately 18 times during a 5 minute car ride
  • the feeling when a Snapchat from him pops up on my phone
  • the process of writing a blog post
  • all the photos hung up around my room
  • cheese fries and their utter ability to solve (essentially) anything
  • that one day I took 4 showers
  • being brought my exact coffee order in the morning
  • wearing clothes borrowed from someone else
  • the times when, for whatever reason, I cannot stop smiling
  • being outside while it rains/snows
  • escaping to a greenhouse for a day
  • eating breakfast I made in bed
  • whole days spent downtown
  • the rush of excitement when something I ordered just arrived
  • donating blood for the first time
  • opening presents on my birthday
  • going grocery shopping alone
  • reading the newspaper on Friday mornings with a bagel & cream cheese
  • all the Nalgenes I own plastered with endless stickers
  • being sick: tissues, tea, Tylenol, tees, toothpaste, tears
  • road trips, as simple as that
  • running by myself with music out loud
  • the irony of ditching [gym] class to go to the silent study
  • every class at Spynergy
  • watching High School Musical 3 with four best friends on a Saturday morning
  • stopping at Starbucks, ordering a grande skinny peppermint mocha with blonde espresso, no whip, almond milk, and half the number of mocha & peppermint syrup shots
Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.44.12 PM
Ginger in the snow
Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.47.34 PM
Tea feat. Gilmore Girls
Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.48.17 PM.png
the most iconic setting, ever


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  1. franceshopps says:

    The cutest dog ever!!!!


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