A Recap of the Past Few Months

So, it’s been a while. Like, seriously, quite a long time since I last posted. I’ve been busy, at best, and lazy, at worst. Nevertheless, it really does feel like so much happened in the past few months. To recap, if anyone’s interested…

JUNE: The beginning of summer, hallelujah. Lots of moments were spent at the beach, soaking up the sun and making the most of an influx of free time. I also increased the hours spent working at my local clothing boutique. Grateful for sunlight and a new routine.

JULY: Just under a month was spent in rural Ecuador as a full-time global health volunteer, traveling alone to & from. I absolutely loved volunteering and seriously could go on about this experience. (I did do so, as I wrote a blog post for the foundation I went with, reflecting on my travels .) Overall, though, this trip was informative and undoubtedly gave me a stronger & richer perspective on daily life. Grateful for opportunities to travel and all my cositas at home.

AUGUST: Attended Lollapalooza for the first time and loved every second of the four days. (A tad stressful beforehand, as I bought my ticket the day before and traveled forty minutes away to meet the Craigslist seller.) It was exciting to be back in Chicago and spending time with family & friends. August also marked the beginning of my last XC season. Grateful for familiarity and kind strangers.

SEPTEMBER: Senior year begins, here we go. A definite adjustment to school life, which was more difficult than I anticipated. September Saturdays were dominated by XC meets and Sundays were spent working. Homecoming, football games, the occasional picnic. Grateful for fall weather and the midst of cross country season.

OCTOBER: The November 1st deadline (for college early action/decision applications) was on my mind, similar to most high school seniors. October included Halloween, a weekend trip to Denver, and a day trip to a Chicago greenhouse. Grateful for new people and new places.

NOVEMBER: Days off school met numerous days in the city. Lots of coffee consumed and art created. Thanksgiving* was on the twenty-third—I loved having my older siblings in town. Also, I went to the Louis the Child concert at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago ahh fun. Grateful for city events aaand friends.

* which is, not that anyone asked, my least favorite holiday. Reasons include that…
(a) being thankful should not be limited to one day a year
(b) I do not support how many turkeys are killed on this day, especially as people eat turkey purely out of obligation (i.e., the mindset that, “I should eat turkey simply because it’s Thanksgiving.”)
(c) while I love my family and I love food, I seriously do not enjoy glorified overeating.

DECEMBER: Ah, a stressful beginning to this month, specifically as I finished up the schoolwork piled on before the break. Mid-December my siblings came home; right away I insisted on spending everyday downtown (e.g., skating, eating, shopping). There were an abundance of activities I wanted to do last winter break but couldn’t do so due to being ~deathly~ ill (see this post for some more information on that.) Christmas was spent here in Chicago with my familia, and now I am finishing up a few more college applications, working, and, of course, relaxing. Grateful for family, outings, and gifts.

Overall, it has been a good past six months (woah, yes, it has been that long). Let’s see what the next six months bring.

2019 here we come.

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